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Portable Bag Hanger

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?Never leave your handbags on the dirty floor again with this multipurpose portable bag holder hook!?

An innovative round hook that?can securely hold your valuable purses on various table edges?.?Provides you with convenient, ready-to-hang storage within sight, even when you're out and about in public spaces.?Save your bags from?being dropped on dirty, sticky surfaces?or being awkwardly squeezed next to you when sitting.

Why bother with your bag pressed next to you when you can conveniently hang it up with this multipurpose hook!


  • ?Hook for carry-on luggage-?A mini heavy-duty bag holder in a fancy round hook that can stably hold on various table edges.?So you can create a space-saving, practical hanging storage for your bags or other items in no time at all.?You no longer have to take your valuable wallets with you when you sit down or awkwardly on your lap.?It helps with all types of bags.?Perfect when you're on the go.?Don't worry, this mounting hook is lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it in your bag or hang it on the bag handle when not in use.
  • ?Strong Carrying Capacity? - This handy bag hook features excellent carrying capacity and sturdy circular structure.?It can carry heavier bags and other accessories without falling off, breaking, or even breaking after a long time use.?Suitable for hanging items such as heavy backpacks, filled mugs, keys, clothes, belts and more ways.?The multipurpose hook even doubles as a smart locking tool, allowing you to attach your bag along with the chair rails.?Keep your belongings safe and prevent them from being easily stolen when you are not searching or busy.
  • ?Multi-Scene Hanging-?The bracelet hook features exceptional versatility and gripping performance that works in a variety of situations.?You can even use it on rails, wardrobes, car headrest posts, chair back posts and the like.?what's more?This bag hook can be hung securely almost anywhere without leaving permanent or other unwanted damage.
  • ?Secure Non-Slip Design - This creative bag hook has a strong buckle design that you can easily fold to open and release to lock again.?It comes with an innovative non-slip rubber pad that keeps your bags or other items firmly in place.?Prevents your essentials from constantly sliding or falling off the floor, even if the table is shaken slightly.
  • ?Premium Quality?- Made from premium non-toxic ABS plastic that boasts amazing durability.?It perfectly withstands several years of daily wear and various environmental conditions.?In addition, it ensures that you can hang bags and objects on your tables at all times completely scratch-free.


  • Material: ABS

  • Color:?Gray/White/Wine Red/Pink/Coffee

  • Size:


  • 1* Portable Bag Hanger

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