Do you want to give your old-fashioned sofas and chairs a fresh new look? Changing sofa and armchair covers is one of the easiest ways to update your furniture and your whole room. DIMOOHOME is dedicated to bringing beautiful and unique Couch Covers to the market, that will not only save you money you would otherwise have to spend on a new sofa, but also to protect your sofa, and transform your living room into a place of comfort and coziness.

DIMOOHOME products are a combination of fashion and functionality and we offer a wide selection of sofa and chair covers at great prices to help make the house a home. Our stretch sofa covers come in durable yet versatile materials. You can select from a large assortment of classic and modern patterns. We ensure you won’t have a problem finding the design that will make your home decor look great.

We’ve made our furniture covers easy to put on. They’ll fit relaxed or snug over your current upholstery depending on your choice of fit. They’ll stay wrinkle-free and look at their best for guests. Most are machine washable so they’re easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about accidental drink or food spills. Our furniture slipcovers feature our patented free-floating elastic inside the seat seam that tucks under your cushions, so everything stays in place.

Our purpose is to bring beauty and new life to old furniture with a simple innovative product, bringing new colors, comfort and joy to you houses and making you happier!

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