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Disposable Fly-Catching Bag, Outdoor Non-Toxic Hanging Fly Trap

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  • Very effective: the fly trap contains a lure bag that flies cannot resist and contains some feed and other developed bait. When the disposable bag is filled with water, the bait begins to dissolve, reacts and emits an odor, and when the flies smell the odor, they fly through the yellow lid and drown in the water.

  • Fly trapping from a distance: even outdoors, 10-30 feet from your home, a few fly traps can greatly reduce your indoor fly problem by attracting flies from a distance of 30-40 feet!

  • Solve big fly problems: catch and kill up to 20,000 harmful flies of all kinds with a fly trap. Great for outdoor, barns, stables and yards where strict fly control is needed.

  • Non-toxic and long lasting: our non-toxic fly bait is environmentally friendly, completely disposable, clean and sanitary. The fly catcher bag is designed to avoid direct contact with the bait and flies.


  • Object: Flies, mosquitoes

  • Specification: 20*30cm/7.87*11.81in

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1*New Disposable Fly-Catching Bag (1 PC/ 3 PCs)

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