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Electronic Stethoscope

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When it comes to plumbing leak detections, finding a leak starts with Electronic Stethoscope and looking for access to make contact with pipes, and above all â€?listening! Electronic Stethoscope professional plumbers leak detection equipment does just that by using new technology to get accurate detections with precise findings, wherever leaks are hiding.

The Electronic Stethoscope finds leaks under concrete and solid surfaces, decking, floors and more. The Electronic Stethoscope can hear leaks in metal and plastic pipes under soil, landscaping, aggregate and solid surfaces as well. When listening in plastic pipes, the contractor will use the Pressure Rig to inject bursts of air and water into the pipe, creating the sound of the leak that can be detected underground, through walls, floors or cabinetry.

Electronic Stethoscope gets you hearing the leak, even at a distance. This includes touching the ultra-sensitive. With it, even a whisper can be heard from a leaking pipe.


1.High-sensitivity detection of the sound of walls, windows, doors or armour plates, with earphones attached, the sound quality is clear
2. Easy to operate

3. Clear sound quality with headphones
4. No charger adaptor included (can use normal mobile phone charger adaptor) 


  • 1. Measurement Object: Underground Pipe Hide in The Wall

  • 2. Working Temperature: -10℃~50â„?/span>

  • 3. Power Supply: Built-In Lithium Battery

  • Packet: 1* Electronic Stethoscope, 1* charging cable, 1* earphone, 1* manual

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