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3D Stereo Room Puzzle

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  • Exploring a Novel 3D World: The Sank 3D Stereo Room Puzzle offers children a captivating and immersive experience, allowing them to delve into a world of wonder. It serves as an excellent early educational tool for parents and a supportive companion for children's growth.

  • Fostering Joyful Living for Children: With its 3D stereo design, this puzzle enhances children's manual dexterity while bringing joy to their everyday lives. It encourages hands-on engagement, fostering creativity and imagination.

  • Interchangeable Multiple Scenes: There are a variety of scenes to choose from, catering to different age groups and developmental stages. This adaptability ensures long-lasting engagement and enjoyment for children as they progress.

  • Immersive 3D Experience: The puzzle pieces feature smooth and rounded surfaces, creating a strong sense of depth and enhancing children's tactile skills. The 3D aspect strengthens their ability to manipulate and assemble the puzzle with ease.

  • Complete Home Environment: The puzzle set includes a diverse range of furniture styles, accompanied by a wide selection of scene options. This comprehensive selection promotes cognitive development and expands children's understanding of their surroundings. Additionally, the inclusion of character models further enhances the immersive atmosphere within each scene.


  • Material: Paper

  • Size: 21*14cm

  • Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)


  • 1* 3D Stereo Room Puzzle

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