How to Measure your Sofa

Kindly measure the size of your sofa carefully. Take account of the armrests too. If you do not take the armrests into account, the sofa cover might not fit on your sofa.

Measure Guide for Sofa

Sofa length between 36-55 inches (90~140cm) length Choose1-SEATERsofa cover

Sofa length between 57~73 inches (145~185cm) length Choose 2-SEATER sofa cover

Sofa length between 74~95 inches (190~235cm) length Choose 3-SEATER sofa cover

Sofa length between 95~118 inches (235~300cm) length Choose 4-SEATER sofa cover

How to Choose the Sofa Cover

For L-Shaped or Sectional Sofa, we would suggest the purchase of 2 covers. The size of the cover will depend on the length of AA, BB and CC lines.

If AA=145-185cm, BB=190-230cm, please go for 2pcs: 2-seater + 3-seater;

If AA=190-230cm, BB=235-300cm, please go for 2pcs: 2-seater + 3-seater.

1-SEATER sofa

(the length should be within 90-140cm)

2-SEATER sofa

(the length should be within 145-185cm)

3-SEATER sofa

(the length should be 195-230cm)

4-SEATER sofa

(the length should be 235-300cm)

5-SEATER sofa

(need 2pcs)

6-SEATER sofa

(need 3pcs)

How to Install the Sofa Cover

1. Extend the sofa cover

2. Check the front and back of the cover. 

3. Cover the sofa in the right directors

4. Slip the foam bar into the gap

5. Tie the stretchy belt

6. Done! Enjoy it.