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Saker® Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods

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Saker® Solution Flux-Cored Welding Rods are engineered toeasily flow under a very low working temperature to ensure fast application toyour project with minimal distortion.   

Welding Instructions:

  • Thoroughly clean the area you’re about to weld by brushing the base with stainless steel brush until it becomes shiny.
  • Then evenly heat the area to be welded.
  • As you heat, rub the rod vigorously against the heated area until the rod starts flowing.

Product Benefits:

  • The easy-to-melt welding rods are high-quality special rods that are mainly used for welding / brazing aluminum and aluminum alloys. However, they can also be used for hard welding non-ferrous metals other than stainless steel.
  • Recommended for welding aluminum alloys: 1060, 1350, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5050, 6053, 6061, 6951, 7005 and cast alloys 710.0 and 711.0
  • Applications include cargo areas, loading ramps, docks, diamond plates, irrigation lines, engine blocks, gearboxes, etc.
  • Prepared for small repairs. For repairs that would compromise safety if they are not repaired, we recommend replacing the parts completely instead of repairing them.



Package Includes:

  • 10pcs Copper Aluminum Welding Cored Wire (11.8inch x 0.06inch)  or
  • 10pcs Copper Aluminum Welding Cored Wire (19.6inch x 0.06inch)  or
  • 10pcs Silicon Aluminum Welding Cored Wire (11.8inch x 0.06inch)
Caution: Never apply heat directly to the rod as it will crumb, and if you manage to melt the rod directly, the weld will be easily breakable. Remember, melting the rod directly is a wrong way, and makes crumby welds. 

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