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Multifuncional Pet Hair Removing Grooming Brush

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Do something good for your four-legged friend!! 🐾💕

Removing excess fur, dandruff, sand and dirt that trigger the undercoat and allergies has never been easier. 🐶❤️


🐾This brush is suitable for small, medium and large animals. Dog, cat and even horse! It doesn't matter if your pet has short or long hair, the brush always works perfectly!


🐾 Ergonomic design makes brushing easy and comfortable, helping to reduce excess hair loss. Thanks to the various features, our brush allows you to easily remove hair from both the top layer and the undercoat. The rubber bristles, present on the back of our brush, are ideal for massaging and stimulating the skin, as well as for making your four-legged friend's hair healthy and shiny.

🐾 The 3 blades on the front of the brush are made up of teeth specifically designed to ensure the removal of all that excess hair that you would not be able to remove with ordinary brushes. It also has a remarkable feature: the angle of curvature of the teeth allows you to brush any part of your four-legged friend thoroughly, while giving him a feeling of pleasure and relaxation, without damaging your pet's skin in any way.

🐾 Before the creation of our brush, we studied all the needs that our four-legged friends need during brushing and grooming. And here it is, our multifunctional brush contains everything you need to make our perfect friend!


🐾 During the removal of excess hair, the brush remains perfectly in hand thanks to the rubber bristles, which therefore perform a dual function. Since the rubber materials are completely non-slip, handling and use are extremely pleasant for both humans and animals.

🐾 We have also inserted a layer of rubber adhering to the surface of the brush to ensure that the grip remains optimal even when you brush your friend with the rubber bristles, thus grasping the brush on the side of the 3 blades, which will be retracted.

🐾 The materials that make up our brush capture and compact all the hairs that are removed, and to remove them, simply slide your finger over them and slide them easily on the ground. Thanks to this particular feature, the hairs will never stick to the brush.

🐾 The 3 blades on the front of the brush, as previously stated, can be simply retracted using a sliding mechanism installed on the side of the brush when not in use, or for cleaning the brush.


🐾 The rubber bristles on the back of the brush are used for massage and grooming after brushing. Soft bristles stimulate the skin and take care of your dog or cat's fur, so that it looks healthy and shiny after brushing!

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